Welcome to Right Relations Inc.

Right Relations, Inc. is a Fort Wayne based non-profit organization providing principle-centered education that empowers people to create strong and healthy relationships in all aspects of their lives. Our counseling and mentoring programs are designed to help create, build, and strengthen relationships. These programs are helpful to individuals or families going through a crisis, and to those who already have a healthy relationship.

The Family Enrichment Series – A Solution for the Future

In 2000, Indiana ranked 14th in the US for out-of-wedlock births. The Family Enrichment Series (FES) helps these new parents navigate through these times by giving them the tools to relate with one another and their children in a positive manner.

An “average” divorce costs the government $30,000. The cost to the children in these homes is far greater. FES helps parents going through divorce or separation let go of the past and begin to move forward to create new and healthy lifestyles.

In 2010, nearly 400 individuals will improve their relational principles through the Family Enrichment Series.

Of those who attended FES:

97% can cite at least 2 ways they or their family have benefitted from the program.

93% can cite something they are actively doing to improve their relationships.

Thanks to our volunteers!

In 2009, our volunteers donated over 4,300 hours of their time. The U.S. Department of Labor estimates that, on average, the output of volunteers is $18/hour. This means Right Relations volunteers have added over $77,000 of additional value to the community. In addition, our volunteers have driven over 46,000 miles in 2009 to reach families across northeastern Indiana. At $0.55/mile, this is an additional donation of over $25,000. This makes a grand total of over $100,000 worth of services donated through volunteering at Right Relations. We cannot state in words how thankful we are for our wonderful volunteers!

All donations are greatly appreciated!!! 100% of donations go to assist Right Relations, Inc. in improving

family relationships in Northeastern Indiana. Please help us in our efforts to change the world, one family at a time.

Right Relations is a not-for-profit 501(c) (3). To donate, call the executive director at 260-436-7578 or click the link below.

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Volunteers support the services provided by Right Relations, Inc. They are an integral part of the organization and make significant contributions to our mission. Orientation and training are provided for all our volunteers.

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Our History

Right Relations, Inc. is a nonprofit educational organization originally incorporated as Vital Living Educational Group in the early 1980’s.

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